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Hot water extraction

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Hot water extraction

Well proven documented proof that Hot Water Extraction is the best method in carpet cleaning, not only has the greatest ability to remove soiling, also having the advantage at the same time in removing all unwonted residues from household products and sprays , cooking vapors, airborne contaminants' all contribute to you carpet becoming sticky attracting soiling normal vacuuming will not remove.


Hot water extraction a must in all conditions

Rental vacating tenant responsibilities

Rental vacating responsibilities regarding cleaning. There seems to be mixed views regarding tenant responsibilities when it comes to carpets, some agents are a little confused as it seems with the wrong message set out regarding  tenants responsibilities.


The Department Of fair Trade has set out in past guide lines and seems to have been distorted, tenants are bound by any lease contract of any property,  property that had undergone professional cleaning regarding carpets or other must be handed back in the same manor were proof of prier condition can be provided by owner / agents that will assist this claim.                

Hot Water Extraction the only way to remove excess soiling and build up of cleaning agents and unwonted contaminants.


This example of extremely soiled carpet being as soiled is the result of heavy build-up of cleaning products, be it home or general, or have been cleaned in past leaving a concentrated build-up of cleaning agents left behind, this can be common, it is one thing to remove soiling that can  take time, it is just as important if not more to rinse well to avoided this problem, if not, possible resoling rapidly, build-up can be past cleans that have not spent the time to remove.  



It is standard practice to assist cleaning with per-sprayed products specially designed to help break down soiling bound together by oils in the air that settle in your carpets, example fallout from within the area of kitchen, cooking  vapors that build up over time, it does not matter what it is, time and Patience is required in the restoration of cleaning your carpets.

 This example of soiling is among the extremely, properties  not so large in size prices can be margins apart according to severity in all cases , all cleaning is going to be subject to inspection no matter who is calling, at Patience Carpet Cleaning we only have one standard, that is to deliver standards that are hard to match, word of mouth, recommendation is gold     

Recent Real Estate Property Extraction Request


Heavy extracting stairs 

Saving your valued bond return, it's not how fast it can be done, but how long were prepared to stay to bring it back to standard .

Patience Carpet Cleaning Recent  extraction New Lambton rental carpets are well dated and showing signs of needing replacement , several extractions will restore it clean, but on its last legs all the same.  Having  cleaned the property before only to pleased to repeat the same standards of cleaning, Patience is required to do anything to a standard   

A prime example how soiled carpets can get in a rental situation. Patience Carpet Cleaning understands what it takes to get your carpets back to where you want to see them. Extracting soiling is one thing, providing you have the right equipment and the knowledge to back it up, rinsing on the other hand is most important if not more, if the operator is not spending this time, he is doing half a job.  


At Patience we have the patience to do both, seeing is believing, this is our promise to you, we won't you calling us back, that your understanding of our standards do not change from your first experience, it's in your hands.

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Carpet Cleaning Patience, heavily ground in soiling has not only a lot of lose soiling around fiber, but has impregnated into fiber, and has not been cleaned by a professional for years my guess. The term professional, someone who at least knows what they are doing, professional can often mean he is simply prepared to stay on the job for as long as it takes, you don't know until you stay and go the distance. 

In their extreme condition Most carpets will restore and be saved. This depends on a combination of factors, the right equipment, quality cleaning agents, devoted time, and experienced operators, whatever be the description requires doing well, and it takes patience to achieve that result.


At times it can be extremely difficult to determine cost factors before viewing, and in some cases even whilst in the cleaning process itself, it all comes down to subject to inspection when dealing with extreme conditions.