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This is were we pride ourselves on taking the time required to deliver standards, regardless of the time it may take, past customers would be of this understanding, it's about honest genuine service, our reviews genuinely speak for themselves.

CARPET CLEANING NEWCASTLE. Patience High Standards in Hot Water Extracting is my solemn promise to you the valued customer,  Patience Carpet Cleaning has been operating high standards since 1987 with prior experience five years in the carpet dry cleaning industry. We don't take standards lightly. Hot Water Extracting is on its own when come to cleaning proven fact, BEST METHOD seeing is believing.


It is paramount that this standard is given at all times, standard in equipment is one thing, quality cleaning agents the other, then the operator, he is the one that makes sure he spends the time to give you what you deserve leaving you surprised of the outcome,  its your hard earned  money and we respect that, that is why you will be confident in my return services,  my promise your guarantee.   


Things to keep in mine 

Carpets are all shads and quality when come to soiling, often is why you will get a cheap quot to get in the door, we at Patience might not sound cheep at first, and sometimes when viewing will need to adjust pricing yes, but it can work the other way as well, we have done so. Fairness is respected, its about good will and integrity that remain, we need you as much you deserve the best job, it may not come cheep, but neither is our standard workmanship.     

Upholstery Cleaning extensive soiling

Upholstery cleaning can be difficult as some fabrics do not like water. Often you can tell by the past attempts cleaning, or a spill from the past leaving water marks, but its the only way you going to clean them as long as you get them dry quickly, and use additives in the rinse to resist browning, always best to the test on an inconspicuous area on the back of lounge and allow to dry.      

Completed restoration time required

Early signs will give you some idea if its going to be worth a clean, but expect it to take loads time and effort, not impossible with the right equipment, high quality cleaning agents, and perseverance, its better than the cost of replacement.   

Extensive soiling health risks

Carpet Cleaning Patience prides itself on taking the time required  to get the most extreme soiled situations back to where it’s of some standard. In this case much time was spent in pulling years of ground in soiling out, photo enhancement has not been used, standard of clean is genuine.

Most cleaners have their standard pricing, as we do, but at the end of the day viewing and time required can often change outcome price, we may be a little more expensive at times, but there is a reason plain to see this be the case here, most would have walked from this and any other method of cleaning other than hot water extraction / steam cleaning a term used is never going to cut it.


Actions speak louder than words  

This is what can be achieved  persistence is required most of the time to do anything correctly were high standards need to be achieved, if we have left something behind it’s never going to come out, and if you find you have been able to remove a mark left behind we will give you your money back. 


Water Damage Restoration

Some carpets will handle water, some don't, servility depending outcome, quality of manufacturing all come into play.

Restoration requires experience its not safe practice just removing water from the surface and expect it to dry, the surface my show drying over early days but whats underneath it the problem, carpets needs to come up, even minimal dampness will allow mold to grow causing possible health risks and permanent damage to your carpets.  Depending were water origin is from it can mean removing all together requiring replacement, there is no shortcut it all takes time and the right equipment.


Contractors handy spray work


Choosing services

In any industry your going to get cowboys, this prim example of not bothering to place drop sheets, what were they thinking, obviously not much, the time that took to remove all over spray was a lengthy one, not to mention the cost factor to the sadly mislead lady when told it will come out. This damage over spray could have been permanent and the cost of restoring carpets a costly one to the owner, prevention is better then cure always.   



Were there's a will there is a way

Completion spanning some hours

Heavy soiling buildup to much residue in carpets past cleaning attempts

Heavy rinsing required excess detergents left

Cleaning is not rocket science, you need quality products the best equipment, and no toys trying to deliver high standards and fail. Having services cleaning in and out like a flash is never going to cut it, how many time have you been able to say, they weren't here long, its one thing to cut grease and dirt, and you need quality products, and they also need to come out with the soiling.


Carpets must be rinsed well or residue from cleaning agents left will attract dirt and resoling in a short period building up as seen above. At patience we wont to see you with that lasting job, and we take the time to remove what others may have left behind in past cleaning, cheap cleaning has hidden flaws, do it right the first time.  

Pet accidents treat and remove



Pet staining requires special treatment and removal                                              Not always successful depending how long left in your carpets. Never try to remove yourself, you will only spread the problem deeper into the carpet pile, and other products from the supper market can and will set the staining making it difficult to impossible to remove, play it safe with expensive carpets, professional cleaning is required.


Saving that expensive replacement 

A beautiful home looking beautiful once more, never trust what you may think is your better judgment on the day, you will fix it your self, this was saved due to the property owners not taking this risk and the result is clear to see.   


Equipment that delivers high standards every time

Newcastle Carpet Cleaning, Patience Carpet Cleaning Restorations, equipment is everything, sound 39 years of knowledge and experience is going to give you all that is required our guarantee.


End of lease cleaning


At Patience Cleaning no matter how soiled your carpets may become, time and patience is required, sound knowledge, the right equipment, and the operator all come into play. We will never walk away from a challenge, knowing capabilities is one thing, being prepared to go the distance it takes often were other services are not prepared to take it on, or sorry that's as good as you will get it, patience is not prepared to leave unless we are totally satisfied our standards have been fulfilled, our video gallery will explain Actions speak louder than words.       

Newcastle Carpet Cleaning repairs and patch

There are times when a drink spill will not remove, or you may have an iron burn or just staining, be it whatever, this can be repaired providing you have spare carpet that will match. Often it can be taken from a robe out of site, if spare carpet is not available It is not an easy task, and some carpets are discontinued.


Patience and a great deal of care is needed, it is possible to restore your carpet with out a costly replacement, costings can vary depending on difficulty, experience in repairs is essential all comes into pay to achieve the best results.         

Children's paints be aware

Children’s paint things to be aware of. The packaging may say its safe to use, that is for children as in no harm to the child. No paint is safe for carpets, it may break down to a point if only a small spot, but it doesn’t mean it will come out of the carpet with no problem. This situation is but almost impossible to remove, it requires time that most would have given up on, perseverance and loads of time required, and the right solvents were able to remove what could have been an expensive replacement.

The test of time, was able to save what could have been a replacement and an expensive one. Some staining if being there for some time is never going to remove. This situation very lucky that it be recent but still extremely difficult and almost impossible.     

Hospitality industry traffic areas

Newcastle Carpet Cleaning Patience                Water damage Restoration Services

Water damage requires early attention, some carpets will withstand water better than others, quality depending and grade, most carpets depending on severity can be restored drying as soon a possible with the assistance of dry blowers, this can take up to three days depending again on carpet and flooring be it timber or concrete flooring. 


Patience Restorations specializing in this field operating twenty nine years, there has been some cases were carpets could have been saved, but take out by people and there lack of knowledge, this can be very costly if you don't have contents insurance so prompt attention is required.  

Specializing in all types of situations

Damage Restoration Services, comprehensive reports for your insurance claim, Stain treat be it whatever, if removable can be achieved we will remove it, Pet problems can linger, it all depends on severity special treatment is required, but some times it may be a replacement.   

Preferred choice of cleaning

It is a well known fact that steam cleaning your carpets is the best way to achieve a deeper and better clean. It stands to reason, if you were to have the misfortune of a water damage, and were there to view the experience, what would be the tool of choice? Yes! it's an extraction wand, with the aid of great suction to back it up.


Carpets can be well saved even being saturated depending on the grade / quality of carpet, having said that, the correct term is Hot Water Extraction in the method itself, sure it dampens the carpet to a certain degree but not enough to wet the backing unless you have an extremely soiled area that needs to be cleaned and repeatedly cleaned to achieve the best result, this is the only way possible that this can be done, and with the right equipment and operator your underlay will remain  dry and safe at all times, it is the best way to achieve the highest standard of cleaning that you're looking for.

Apartment cleaning end of lease

Apartment cleaning end of lease


Patience Cleaning can provide all your requirement from start to finish including your carpets and upholstery. Cleaning may sound a simple task, and the requirements of a high standard can often be a difficult one that may need  assistance from a professional. Time is everything that you may not have, that's where we come in, Patience Cleaning can assist you with all your requests  large or small, and will deliver the high standards required.   

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Hot water Extraction The safe way to leave your carpets soft and hygienically clean, we will let you be the judge, repeat work says a lot for our cleaning standard, you will not be disappointed this is your opportunity to understand what clean is all about and we will prove it to you.

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