Each year there seems to be that every one with a rag and a spray bottle out there is starting a small cleaning business, and will announce doing everything stopping short of brain surgery. There are things to take into account cleaning is one thing, specializing in Carpet Cleaning and only Carpet Cleaning is going to give you the best opportunity of having the job completed to a standard you would expect, and not with a small portable unit being dragged around your home or left at your front door.

Carpets are an expensive item, there is no control over individuals working for small business were there forced to supply there own chemicals may not be safe regarding carpets, so do you think there out there with all the knowledge buying high quality products, its a fair chance not.  

Carpets should be cleaned by a true professional knowing what is safe, and you would like to think in any industry quality products are being used, not always the case, risk can be high, carpets always need to be cleaned by professionals and heavy equipment is a must, its the difference between standards in quality and workmanship that's guarantee to deliver  satisfaction, so research equipment what people are operating with.