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Newcastle Emergency Water Damage Services

At Patience Carpet Cleaning we will respond to all your emergencies. Our experience in this field is well documented. Water can be white water plumbing burst or soiled water, it's all about time, most of which is spent in the drying process, and can take some days depending on the severity. 


Drying with out to much interruptions to living and office operation can be a problem, carpet blowers need to be left on uninterrupted as best, this can take marginally longer due to being turned off for whatever reason, but the longer they stay uninterrupted will shorten the time required for your restoration.


It's normal to have them smell in some cases, some more than others, once again severity, but once dried cleaned will save most carpets, servility again depending, and completion hot water extraction cleaned and deodorized.


What we are trying to say, you can be confident our sound knowledge is what's required to make sure your carpets are restored to their original prier state, or if it be a loss that be the case, permanently damaged, with our comprehensive report to submit your claim whatever it takes, we are there for you.


This is what will happen when left unattended. How often we have been aware of individual cleaners calling and only extract water from surface expecting to dry unassisted, it's not going to happen, it requires being up lifted depending on the type and underlay may need removing, also depending on condition and region water has come from.


Immediate attention is what required , quality of carpets will stand a better chance of restoration, blowers are required and are best left on uninterrupted as long as possible, this will shorten the time required to get things back to normal. At Patience Carpet Cleaning our sound knowledge in restoration spanning 38 years making sure your carpets are back to normal as quickly as possible with minimum of fuss.



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Plumbing failures


The first thing you should do is to isolate / shut down water main out front. You should also remove any electrical appliances that may come into contact with the water to preventing an accidents , If it be coming from your hot water system this can be turned off at the system itself surrounding plumbing




In the case of Hot Water System Turning off at hot water system itself, there is always a stop cock valve at the system that you can isolate water flow.